I used to be a creative in the advertising business to support my family; burnt out after 25 years. Shortly after I left the advertising field, at age 45, a friend of mine started a business making functional items by quilting the plastic waste he was collecting. He asked me to help with branding and initial product development. He even saved the waste from his own process. Knowing that I liked to make stuff from whatever was lying around, he encouraged me to take the scraps home and see if I could make something out of them. I took the challenge.

Using this quilted plastic waste as my medium, my work collectively deals with the effects of consumerism, mass consumption and unfettered capitalism; emphasizing our alienation from the environment and each other, our willingness to waste and the subsequent need to heal ourselves. By minimizing my carbon footprint in the creation of my pieces and transcending the medium without denying what it is, my art embodies Marshall McLuhan’s concept that “the medium IS the message.


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